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Base Camp Ganga
Base Camp Ganga - Outdoor
Adventure in Ganga
Jump into the river Ganga
Tons Base Camp
Tons Base Camp - Kayaking
We operate two seasonal base camps on the Ganga Base Camp and the Tons Base camp
Base camps are the nerve center of a variety of outdoor activities - white water rafting, canoeing/kayaking, rappelling, rock climbing, angling, day hike to nearby villages or yoga sessions on the banks of the Ganges.
HRR Tons Camp Tons Alpine Experience (Obra Gad Trek)
The Tons River originates from the glaciers of the Har-Ki- Dun region in northwest Garhwal bordering Himachal Pradesh, and is the primary tributary of the Yamuna. It is a river runners dream come true as it percolates through the evergreen forests of the middle Himalayan ranges through a series of Class 3- 4 + rapids that equal any in the world.

Serving as an R &R  hub , the Tons Base camps offer various adventure options of treks and rafting expeditions to suit your time and  inclination :

SEASON: 5th May till 30th June 2017

The Obra Gad meadows are frequented by shepherds to graze their livestock in the summer and by locals from nearby villages who carry their deities to this spot once a year for an annual congregation.These meadows are encircled by 20,000ft peaks, water falls and alpine grasslands. Our 10 day program opens up a new vista of this little know , hidden gem of a valley in the secluded Himalaya.

SEASON: May 12th - 21 st June 2017
Mega Tons, Departure
This is a moderately challenging 8 days river expedition on the “river without peer” in a valley that continues to be secluded and picturesque. The Tons Valley is quaint and unique in its architecture and lifestyle, straddling as it does, both, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

SEASON: Anytime between 15th May - 15th June 2017

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